Now, in case you didn’t know, I’m a horrible planner. If I planned the Olympics it would be a running race in my backyard with CD’s as medals. So, last year when I planned my epic trip to Europe, I made a slight error. Ok, I rescind that, it was a major error.

See, in my infinite wisdom I booked my flights at the wrong times, and the 2 flights I had to take to get back to Australia were going to be in the air at the same time. Unfortunately, as incredibly skilled as I am, I cannot be on two planes at once. I assume I could cut myself in half and do this, but even in that case half of me would be stuck in Kuala Lumpur… and who the hell wants to be there?

Either way, that’s not the point; the point is that nothing ever goes wrong for me. I was looking at paying an extra couple hundred bucks for a flight change, which was going to irritate me greatly. Time passed, I didn’t book the extra flight, and time was running out. Today however, I received an email from AirAsia. They decided they should restructure all of their flights coming out of London because, well, they love me? Since this might ‘inconvenience’ some people, they decided I should be able to change my flight to one of my choosing, for free.

When I originally booked these flights, the flights around this date were more expensive. This means that my error wasn’t just rectifiable for free…. it actually saved me money. Also, I’d been meaning to change these flights for weeks, and kept putting it off. So you know what that means? Human Error + Procrastination = Profit. Hope that little lesson will help you all out with your lives :D.

Hope you enjoyed my random thoughts.

Mitchell Durward.